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Blossoming In Paris Through The Parisian Life

When you are in Paris, you will feel the atmosphere of beauty. Whether you are in the alley, on the main road, or on the sidewalk, there is a kind of elegant people in it. Various cafes and restaurants will help you increase your appetite. This is a feeling of being in history and modern fashion. There are some mysterious unknown places to be found, such as catacombs, underground tunnels with World War II imprints. These tunnels have beautiful bones and skeletons. It is said that there are about 6 to 7 million bones of people who died during the French Revolution. cemetery. Unless you get a pre-booked golden ticket from the online skip-the-line ticket section, you will have to wait in line. It costs about $40, but this place is worth a detour. This place is 20 meters underground and the temperature is 14 degrees. It was built in the 12th century and made of limestone. It gives you a feeling of being in a mine. We need to go there with a local guide. If someone is curious to find the best in town French baguettes, bread, and pastries, or check out the award-winning Kaiser House bread machine, which provides bread for the President. You must walk the streets of Paris with a list of the best bakeries. Le Grenier a Pain is one of the best bakeries in Paris and has won multiple awards. There is a bakery in every corner of the city. The traffic here is moderate, but sometimes we feel a bit noisy and crowded. Even if there is a lane, there will be scooters and cars crossing each other from the lane and the road. Generally speaking, it is safe to cross the marked lane. There will be a power pole where you can press the red and green buttons for pedestrians and vehicles to stop and wait regularly. There is a cafe on the corner where you can latte coffee with chopsticks and watch it pass to people… just like the cherry above, You will find free Wi-Fi in every restaurant and lounge, so you can communicate with friends a lot and download videos and photos. The Palace of Versailles had previously prohibited fireworks displays. French King Louis XIV likes to be called the Sun King, so the palace is full of equipment like the sun, and even the garden can let you know about it. Living in Paris may cost you a fortune. Many people choose very small rooms unless they are billionaires and want to spend money. Try to ask French citizens who have lived here for a few years for moderate accommodation, because a large room or apartment may cost you 300 to 400 Euros. It all depends on the facility and the region. The Champs Elysées is the most expensive area. A room can cost you 105 Euros, with a separate kitchen and a large bedroom. So choose wisely. Find youth hostels or Airbnb through websites such as sofa surfing, and book a location there in advance. There are many kinds of food in Paris, but of course, it is rich, colorful, delicious and made with the best food. Ingredients You will get many varieties, but the best is French onion soup with raisin bread, steak, fried seaweed, and falafel. There is a project called Crêpes and Croissant. It has many varieties to choose from, such as almond chocolate. Go to the Latin Quarter and you will find all kinds of things, from seafood duck breasts, fried duck breasts, sausages, ham, eggs, and bacon, as well as beautiful vegetables. You can enjoy a 3-course menu for 10 or 16 euros. this is your choice. You can choose French salad with french fries and ham or sausage. (Only if you are not a vegetarian) Not to mention the baguette and cheese accompanied by a cup of coffee, this place looks a lot like the Indian street food area where we enjoy spicy food. Don’t forget to try the chocolate fondue, especially the vanilla butter eggs. You can learn the recipe from your master. The cheese will melt your mouth, and its flavors range from Parmesan cheese to mozzarella cheese. Parisian life and Parisian cuisine are synonymous with each other. Their lives are exotic, hard-working, and always full of joy. Today, let us walk through the city of Paris and see what is the most appealing thing to our hearts.