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Mini Caramel Apples Recipe

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Yesterday with the kids we made this mini caramel apple recipe and had so much fun making it! The best part is checking my total Pinterest fail with the first batch we made. Didn’t change the taste at all and they were eaten super fast no matter what they looked like.

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The ingredients for the mini caramel apples recipe are super easy. Same as you would need for the full-size caramel apples, you just need cake sticks and a melon ball.

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With the melon baller just pick up ball sections of the apple. The picked apple was fought over by my kids! They were coming up with great ideas of things to do with it.

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These were about 4 large apples picked up. Use a hard, crisp apple when making them. I think green is the best.

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When they were all collected, I placed them on a cookie sheet with wax paper and glued cake sticks/suckers to them. This is a great job for a child.

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Then my older daughters melted the fudge. We followed the instructions on the Kraft Fudge package. Sweet recipes for vacations and other special days can be found in this weekly ad.

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Then you dip them in the caramel. I placed mine back on a sheet greased with wax paper.

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your first batch didn’t go so well… All the caramel completely dripped off the apples. This was after I had even held them for a while by rotating them and letting them cool before putting them on the sheet.

Here are some tips for getting the caramel to stick:

Let the caramel cool BEFORE dipping the apples. It should thicken a bit and not be so hot.
The apples should be at room temperature.
If there is still skin on the apple, make sure the waxy skin is gone. OR boil the whole apples for about 30 seconds to remove the wax, then pick them up.
We had MUCH better luck after doing the first 2 tips.

Also, don’t store them in the fridge, they tend to “sweat” and the caramel can come off. These were so fun to make and so cute when they were done, that we are doing more for their teachers, but this time with chocolate and nuts as well!

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